Getting started

1. Setup up your company details

1.1) Settings - ProfileThe company details will be displayedon bookingreceipt, quotation receipt, service job and invoice receipt. 1.2) Enter your company details and upload your company logoYou can change the logo of default sample logo to the logo of your company (replace the default logo). Tip: The optimal size for your company logo is 250px x 100px

2. Select your country and language

2.1 Settings - System Go to Settings --> System Attention: This pre selection has an impact on sending sms. It will set the country code of your automatically when sending sms. 2.3 Locale - Country and Language Go to Locale --> Select your country and language

3. Define your tax rate

3.1 Settings - System - Tax 3.2 Term of tax and rate in percent Please define your tax and rate depending on your country. Example: VAT for England

4. Add location

4.1 Settings - Locations Attention: This setting has an impact to all receipts. 4.2 Define Your Repair Shop Location To start up with RepairCMS your need at least 1 location. Please contact the RepairCMS Support ( Team when your plan has been reached the limit. 4.3 Add Your First Repair Center Location Be sure that you have checked the "Repair Center" check box. Fill in your company details, this is necessary for receipts such as booking ...

5. Add user

5.1 Settings - User The main user ist the "root" user. This user has access to all system settings and can be renamed. 5.2 User assignment Add user for technician, point of sale and your b2b partners. Select the typ of user and don't forget to assign a location for each user.

6. Setup your receipts

6.1) Settings - Receipts You can edit the header and the footer text on all your receipts. (booking receipt, job receipt, quotation receipt, invoice receipt) 7.2) Change the header and footer on receipts You can change the sample terms & conditions to your own terms & conditions.

7. Setup email, sms & note templates

7.1 Settings - Templates 7.2 Choose templates from the list Save time and use the predefined templates for an easy and fast start. 7.2 Customize email, sms & text templates Adjust your company details for your commercial use and enjoy the efficiency while using RepairCMS.

8. Apply for SMS Sender ID

8.1 SMS for commercial use In order for us to approve your Sender ID's we need to prove correlation between you and the company or product name. For example if you want to have the Sender ID "Intel" then you can email us through an email address that has the Intel domain name. * Use only alphanumeric characters * Maximum 11 Charakters - no special characters allowed Please send your requests to: ( The activation wil...

9. Setting up spare parts & stock management environment

9.1 Settings - Parts & Inventory To locate your inventory in a efficient way you have to setup your stock locations. 9.2 Stock location - Add new stock area 9.3 Define your virtual inventory according to you local environment RepairCMS provides you to define: A) Stock Areas (example: Samsung shelf or apple rack) B) Box Labels (example: A,B,C or AB, CD, Sony ….) C) Box Numbers (example: 1 - 50 or 50 -200) D) letters (example: A,B, C, or e,f,g) _Example for inventory location_ ...