9. Setting up spare parts & stock management environment

9.1 Settings - Parts & Inventory

To locate your inventory in a efficient way you have to setup your stock locations.

9.2 Stock location - Add new stock area


9.3 Define your virtual inventory according to you local environment

RepairCMS provides you to define:

A) Stock Areas (example: Samsung shelf or apple rack)

B) Box Labels (example: A,B,C or AB, CD, Sony ….)

C) Box Numbers (example: 1 - 50 or 50 -200)

D) letters (example: A,B, C, or e,f,g)

                        Example for inventory location


                                                                               Example for storage box



                                                                           Example for stock area




9. 4 Activate deduct real stock

Please ensure that in settings --> Parts & Inventory the real stock deduction has been activated