•  [Updated] DASHBOARD. Renewed the dashboard page. Shows ‘Urgent’, ‘On Hold’, ‘Waiting for Confirmation’, ‘Partner Jobs’ and ‘Consumer Jobs’ widgets on top with totals. Widgets are clickable and goes directly to jobs section.
  •  [Added] DASHBOARD. Quick booking button direct from dashboard.
  •  [Updated] DASHBOARD. Moved ‘Consumer bookings’ to jobs sections.
  •  [Updated] JOB LIST. Incoming tab renamed to ‘Partner Jobs’.
  •  [Added] JOB LIST. Consumer bookings tab.
  •  [Added] JOB LIST. Totals for partner jobs and consumer jobs.
  •  [Fixed] JOB LIST. Totals are now displayed correctly. Routed has been renamed to ‘Sent out’ which shows all jobs sent out.
  •  [Updated] JOBS PROCESS. ‘Shipping’ tab added and moved shipping to it.
  •  [Updated] JOBS PROCESS. ‘Invoice’ tab added and moved invoicing to it.
  •  [Updated] JOBS PROCESS. ‘Status’ tab added and moved status to it.
  •  [Fixed] BOOKING. Fixed problem client selection popup not showing up when filling in name or mobile number during booking.
  •  [Fixed] LOGIN. Deleted users were still able to log in.
  •  [Added] JOB PROCESS. Edit option for Invoice. Invoices can be modified after creating.
  •  [Fixed] JOB PROCESS. Job receipt link not being displayed anymore after sent out. Now is showing.
  •  [Fixed] JOB PROCESS. Date on job receipt showing actual date. Has been changed to the complete date.
  •  [Fixed] JOB LIST. Sent jobs still showing in active job list. Now is being shown in separate list called ‘Sent out’.
  •  [Updated] JOB PROCESS. Invoice PDF has been updated. Shows , with correct amounts.
  •  [Added]. DASHBOARD. Added all update logs from version 1.1 and up.
Date: 22. December 2015, RepairCMS Development