• [Added] DASHBOARD. Update LOG has been added on top (next to notifications) showing latest updates.
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> CONSUMER BOOKING. 1) Drop Off options list, 2) Pick-Up options list, 3) Hear options list, 4) Booking confirmation
  • [Fixed] CONSUMER BOOKING. Spelling mistakes has been fixed.
  • [Removed] CONSUMER BOOKING. Warranty has been removed.
  • [Updated] CONSUMER BOOKING. Email is mandatory. When the user does not select to bring or pick up the device at location, the user is forced to enter his address details as well. Otherwise it is optional.
  • [Added] CONSUMER BOOKING. Address details has been added in summary in step 4.
  • [Added] CONSUMER BOOKING. New trigger added called ‘After consumer booking’.
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> TEMPLATES. New (sample) email template added called ‘After consumer booking’.
Date: 25. March 2015, RepairCMS Development