• [Added] SETTINGS -> LISTS. New lists for Parts: Part Categories, Part Locations, Manufacturers, Suppliers
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> TEMPLATES -> LISTS. Added Template Types.
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> SYSTEM - INVOICE. Added for Billing sections:
    Prefix for invoice no, Start invoice no, Account name and number, Due date in days, Note
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> SYSTEM -> SECURITY. Login can be restricted by IP address. Multiple IP addresses can be entered.
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> TEMPLATES. Added new tab ‘Lists’ with 2 template lists (used in Job processing) :
    Repair notes, Service comments (replacing solution list). The template has the following format: Title and Text.
  • [Added] JOBS - PROCESSING. ‘Service comments’ replaces ‘Solutions’ at ‘Service' and ‘Repair notes’ added at ‘Notes’. Notes can be selected from template now!
  • [Added] PARTS. Part list overview with search by part code/name, part category, manufacturer, supplier or part location.
  • [Added] PARTS. Parts based on cost price, dealer price and end user price
  • [Added] PARTS. Stock level can be managed
  • [Added] JOBS - PROCESSING. Parts can be selected at ‘Service’ in Job Processing by entering part code or select from Part list.
  • [Added] JOBS - PROCESSING. Automatic end user price will be filled in when selecting part.
  • [Added] JOBS - PROCESSING. When a part has been selected automatically stock will be deducted from this part.
  • [Added] JOBS - PROCESSING. When a part is modified or deleted from the list, the stock will automatically be corrected.
  • [Added] BILLING. Invoice overview.
  • [Added] JOBS - PROCESSING. Invoice can be created in Job.  Additional fields added for invoice: Shipping cost, Discount, Payment reference and Note. Invoice in PDF.
  • [Added] CONSUMER BOOKING using link /index.php/consumbook. Booking wizard in 4 steps: 1) Booking details, 2) Device details, 3) Contact details, 4) Confirmation.
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> SYSTEM -> JOB. Name & Phone Check have been added which can be turned on/off:
  •  Name check in popup when booking new job, Phone check in popup when booking new job.
  • [Updated] PRICE LIST. Pricing are show now alphabetically by symptom category. The non-categorised symptoms are shown at the bottom of the list. The fonts has been made bigger.
  • [Added] Samsung i-GSPN API. This communicates directly with the Samsung server for warranty cases. This is only for Samsung devices and only for official Samsung partners.
  • [Added] JOBS - PROCESSING. Extra tab ‘Samsung warranty’ has been added in Job Processing. Only shown when applicable. Option to define the repair details and set the status. Option to order parts and submit this to Samsung. Option to share / remove files with Samsung. Option to submit warranty claim.
  • [Added] QUICK BOOKING. 1 page booking with less fields. You can switch between 'quick booking mode' or 'wizard mode’.
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Dashboard page added.
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Quick booking and wizard booking for partners through dashboard.
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Open jobs directly in the dashboard.
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Jobs overview divided in: 1) Job Requests, 2) Accepted jobs
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Ability to search and open jobs in both sections.
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Ability to search by customer ref.
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Ability to delete job requests for partners.
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Ability to delete incoming jobs by repair center.
  • [Updated] JOBS - PROCESSING. There are 2 types of services can be added:
    1)  Service (with service template) with optional price
    2)  Part with part list with quantity and price. Instant discount can be filled in which calculates the discount in the price. Discount by % or amount. Automatically adds “ discount ..” in the description.
Date: 30. June 2015, RepairCMS Development