•  [Added] SETTINGS > CONSUMER BOOKING > Drop off / Pickup. Print address label > Option to let the consumer print an address label at the end of the booking (only for dropoff). Instructions > Option add to ‘instructions’ to a dropoff or pickup option which will be displayed in the booking summary and address label.
  •  [Updated] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 1. Changed wording pickup date/time to ‘Preferred pickup’.
  •  [Updated] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 1. Option "I'd like loan phone” is only shown when bring to store.
  •  [Updated] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 1. When selecting a store location the full address details is displayed in popup.
  •  [Updated] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 1. When ‘address label’ has been checked in dropoff option, dropoff date/time is not displayed, only store location.
  •  [Fixed] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 2. Fixed device password not shown in the booking when using password diagram.
  •  [Added] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 4. Instructions added in ‘Summary’ if instruction are defined.
  •  [Updated] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 4. When ‘Print address label’ is checked in dropoff option, PDF address label in A4 will be shown after booking with option to print it. The address label shows the sender and receiver address details and consumer booking ref.
  •  [Added] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 4. User’s IP will be saved after booking and visible in consumer booking details.
  •  [Added] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 4. 2 trigger parameters added for sending email: for consumer’s email address, {store} for store’s email address.
  •  [Added] DASHBOARD. Consumer booking list is shown per store. Only the repair center will see all bookings.
  •  [Fixed] JOBS PROCESSING. Fixed problem showing wrong receipts in some particular circumstances.
  •  [Updated] SETTINGS. Settings list in alphabetical order now.
  •  [Fixed] SHIPMENT. Fixed problem hanging when opening client list popup in Shipment.
  •  [Fixed] SHIPMENT. Fixed problem no triggers to be processed in Shipment.
  •  [Fixed] JOBS PROCESSING. Fixed problem wrong hours calculation technician.
Date: 06. August 2015, RepairCMS Development