Change log for RepairCMS V2.1


* [Fixed] B2B Booking: Bug when printing booking receipt resulted into white screen * [Fixed] B2B Booking: Bug when printing label resulted into white screen * [Fixed] B2B Booking: Show b2b client address on booking receipt * [Fixed] Job Process: Price not shown when selecting part when part has the same min. and max. price defined * [Fixed] Parts Stock Value: Bug repairs not deducted from total stock level. Also fixed on PDF and Excel overview * [Fixed] Job Process: Parts booked in at ...


* [Added] Settings Locations: Location email as required field * [Added] Settings Accounts: Account email as required field * [Fixed] B2B Booking: Bug always showing Enter Client Number in error popup when booking in quick booking * [Fixed] B2B Booking: Removed client ref. as required field * [Fixed] Communication Center: Bug showing user's sender name and email address in stead of template's sender name and email address for sending quotations * [Added] Settings Templates: Added {loc}...


* [Added] Widget booking: required fields for device capacity, color and provider fields * [Added] Widget booking: show backup-request option also when device can not be turned on anymore * [Fixed] Widget booking: defined repair cost not shown after selecting brand, model and symptom * [Fixed] Widget booking: shows terms & conditions in separate tab in stead of inside the popup * [Fixed] Widget booking: prevents problem multiple bookings after pressing booking confirmation several times ...


* [Fixed] Problem attachments of quotations not being sent by email * [Fixed] Problem opening particular jobs from dashboard resulted in hanging * [Fixed] Invoice list at billing not showing correctly by date * [Added] Parts Book-IN: Auto save after adding part * [Added] Parts Book-IN: Auto delete when removing part * [Added] Parts Book-IN: Auto delete booking when there are no more parts * [Added] Parts Book-IN: Option to book negative quantities (below 0) * [Added] Parts Book-IN:...


* [Added] Quotations for partners * [Added] Communications for partners * [Added] Accept/Reject quotations for partners * [Added] Notifications for partner quotations with clickable links to jobs * [Added] Notifications for partner communications with clickable links to jobs * [Added] Auto trigger (email,sms,notification) when partner confirms quotation * [Added] Auto trigger (email,sms,notification) when sending messages in partner communications * [Added] Widget Booking: Implemen...


* [Added] Option to go to client area from job processing * [Fixed] Bug when using '+' in Job Process -> Technician -> Service Date: 18. April 2017, RepairCMS Development


  • [Fixed] Billing overview: bug date format not according settings
  • [Fixed] Billing overview: Reset filter not work
  • [Fixed] Billing overview: View by payment status not work
  • [Fixed] Billing overview: Search field not work
  • [Added] Billing overview: fields search by date range
  • [Added] Billing overview: showing all invoice for the past 90 days only when no filters defined
  • [Added] Billing overview: Show the latest invoice first [improved] UI when using checklists
Date: 14. April 2017, RepairCMS Development



  •  [Fixed] Settings =>Lists: Bug displaying always extra block character after save
  •  [Fixed] Consumer booking: Bug when entering manually model name resulting in not able to save
  •  [Fixed] Date format of the date picker not according RepairCMS settings
  •  [Fixed] Checklist types list could not be translated
  •  [Fixed] Trigger points could not be translated
  •  [Fixed] Label types could not be translated
  •  [Fixed] Last modified in billing could not be translated
  •  [Fixed] Due date in billing could not be translated 
  •  [Fixed] Trigger actions could not be translated
  •  [Fixed] Changed order of the settings menu to more logical
Date: 10. April 2017, RepairCMS Development



  • [Added] New update log manager 
  • [Added] Link to RepairCMS Support 
  • [Fixed] Bug not showing edit button at Billing 
  • [Fixed] Bug which prevented creating Invoice from Job Process 
  • [Fixed] Bug error when showing packing list 
  • [Fixed] Bug which preventing saving invoice after edit 
  • [Fixed] Umlaut problem when using checklists 
  • [Fixed] Showing full names on booking receipts 
  • [Fixed] Empty quoted prices will not be shown on booking receipt 
  • [Fixed] Empty estimates will not be shown on booking receipt
Date: 06. April 2017, RepairCMS Development



  • Fixed] Changed filename of quotation email attachments to proper file names in stead of random numbers 
  • [Fixed] {client_details} parameters to display client information in proper format in the templates for sending emails in consumer booking
  • [Added] Option to export client data to Excel by root user through the settings menu 
  • [Added] Client signature feature added in quick and wizard booking to operate paperless. This feature can be turned on or off in the settings. Client can sign digitally on a touch screen or tablet. Terms and conditions will always be displayed first before signing. Client’s Signature will be stored with the job and automatically displayed on the booking receipt    
  • [Fixed] Quick Booking: Checklists, when defined, are now also displayed and can not be by-passed anymore
  • [Fixed] Quick Booking: Checkbox ‘warranty receipt enclosed’ will be shown when selecting warranty repairs which it did not before
  • [Added] Log: Option added for ‘root’ to see the activity log for the past 2 months through the settings menu
  • [Added] Billing: Billing details can be displayed. Option to display the Invoice in PDF. Unpaid invoices can be modified. Invoices can be set to paid (and can not be modified after that anymore) 
  • [Fixed] Booking: PHP Bug appeared after booking when using routing
Date: 12 December 2016, RepairCMS Development



  • [Added]  2 extra device parameters in triggers {dev_cost} and {dev_status} for showing total device cost and repair status in email to client 
  • [Added]  In reports section, daily reports tab showing all pending devices and completed devices per day. Option to open job
  • [Added]  In reports section, quick buttons for today, past week and past month 
  • [Added]  In reports section, showing also total cost in details at ‘By Technicians’  
  • [Added]  Client section, search client by IMEI, serial. Quick overview all pending, completed and re-repair per client.
  • [Added]  Client section, Showing all pending and completed devices. Option to open job
  • [Added]  Client section, option to edit client
  • [Added]  Quick buttons on top to open wizard booking or quick booking from any page
Date: 25 August 2016, RepairCMS Development



[Fixed] Client popup does not disappear in job overview
[Added] JOB PROCESS. Unlimited characters in the 'information' field of status (before only 255)
[Added] JOB PROCESS. Unlimited characters in the 'note' field of notes (before only 255)
[Added] PRICE LIST. Option to hide prices per symptom
[Added] PRICE LIST. Option to add and delete customised symptoms, which are not listed in symptoms, with own pricing
[Added] PRICE LIST. Option to define price lists per external account (partners)
[Added] PRICE LIST. Option for external accounts to view price lists. General price list and price list specific for partner

Date: 07 Juli 2016, RepairCMS Development



  • [Added] Option to hide client details for technicians
  • [Added] Option to print job label (when multiple devices) 
  • [Fixed] Search from dashboard showed always whole list
  • [Fixed] Could not search by first and last name in jobs 
  • [Fixed] Changed wording consumer jobs into internet bookings in job
  • [Fixed] Shows only client popup when first and last name matches In wizard step 1
  • [Fixed] Contact ID is hidden now
  • [Fixed] When selecting 2 symptoms it does not update the estimate price (only price first symptom is shown)
  • [Fixed] Device color and capacity not shown on receipts 
Date: 7 May 2016, RepairCMS Development



  •  [Updated] DASHBOARD. Renewed the dashboard page. Shows ‘Urgent’, ‘On Hold’, ‘Waiting for Confirmation’, ‘Partner Jobs’ and ‘Consumer Jobs’ widgets on top with totals. Widgets are clickable and goes directly to jobs section.
  •  [Added] DASHBOARD. Quick booking button direct from dashboard.
  •  [Updated] DASHBOARD. Moved ‘Consumer bookings’ to jobs sections.
  •  [Updated] JOB LIST. Incoming tab renamed to ‘Partner Jobs’.
  •  [Added] JOB LIST. Consumer bookings tab.
  •  [Added] JOB LIST. Totals for partner jobs and consumer jobs.
  •  [Fixed] JOB LIST. Totals are now displayed correctly. Routed has been renamed to ‘Sent out’ which shows all jobs sent out.
  •  [Updated] JOBS PROCESS. ‘Shipping’ tab added and moved shipping to it.
  •  [Updated] JOBS PROCESS. ‘Invoice’ tab added and moved invoicing to it.
  •  [Updated] JOBS PROCESS. ‘Status’ tab added and moved status to it.
  •  [Fixed] BOOKING. Fixed problem client selection popup not showing up when filling in name or mobile number during booking.
  •  [Fixed] LOGIN. Deleted users were still able to log in.
  •  [Added] JOB PROCESS. Edit option for Invoice. Invoices can be modified after creating.
  •  [Fixed] JOB PROCESS. Job receipt link not being displayed anymore after sent out. Now is showing.
  •  [Fixed] JOB PROCESS. Date on job receipt showing actual date. Has been changed to the complete date.
  •  [Fixed] JOB LIST. Sent jobs still showing in active job list. Now is being shown in separate list called ‘Sent out’.
  •  [Updated] JOB PROCESS. Invoice PDF has been updated. Shows , with correct amounts.
  •  [Added]. DASHBOARD. Added all update logs from version 1.1 and up.
Date: 22. December 2015, RepairCMS Development



  • [Added] DASHBOARD. Short cut link added for wizard booking. /index.php/home/neww opens directly New booking wizard mode.
  • [Added] DASHBOARD. Short cut link added for quick booking. /index.php/home/newq opens directly New booking quick mode.
  • [Added] DASHBOARD. Short cut link added for job processing. /index.php/home/dev- <device ref no> opens directly in job processing.
  • [Added] DASHBOARD. Short cut link added for price list. /index.php/home/price opens directly Price List.
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> USERS. PIN has been added in user list.
Date: 8. December 2015, RepairCMS Development



  • [Added] SETTINGS -> LIST. Stock locations has been added (for parts section).
  • [Added] PARTS. Stock locations has been added.
  • [Added] PARTS. Added field Box no.
  • [Added] JOBS PROCESS. Client notes added when click on ‘Edit Client’.
  • [Fixed] GENERAL. Fixed problem with saving ‘&’ character. Now is saving everything after &.
Date: 12. November 2015, RepairCMS Development



  • [Added] REPORTS. Reports can be converted to PDF now (and ready to print). Just click on the ‘Print’ icon next to the Show button.
  • [Updated] REPORTS. The pies charts are also shown now when you select the PRINT version. The print version is now in native HTML which can be printed or exported as PDF (through external plugin on your OS).
Date: 02. November 2015, RepairCMS Development



  •  [Updated] REPORTS. 3 types of reports added: 1) By repairs, 2) By symptoms, 3) By technicians
  •  [Added] REPORTS by repair: Filter by date, manufacturer, case type, location and rerepairs.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by repair: Shows all pending, completed repaired, unrepaired and rerepaired.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by repair: Shows total of everything.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by repair: Shows pie chart.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by symptoms: Filter by date, manufacturer and location.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by symptoms: Shows everything by symptom category + %.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by symptoms: Shows everything by symptom + %.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by symptoms: Show symptom category pie chart.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Filter by date, location and technician.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Option to show all repair activities by location and technician or by technician (in alphabetical order).
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Option to see repair details of every technician: how many devices repaired etc. Click ‘Show with details’ checkbox.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Shows total repair time and total rerepairs of each technician.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Shows how many devices repaired, BER unrepaired etc.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Shows repair time and total.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Shows amount of rerepairs.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Shows latest status of the repair.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Shows overview of which devices have been repaired.
Date: 30. October 2015, RepairCMS Development



  • [Added] JOBS PROCESSING. Shipment has been added in the Technician tab. Now you can create a shipment (of single device) directly from job processing. This is only for single devices.
  • [Added] JOBS PROCESSING. A packing list will be displayed after shipment. Package list can be displayed any time.
  • [Added] JOBS PROCESSING. Triggers set for shipment will be processed.
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> SYSTEM. Required fields added. Provider and password can be set required.
Date: 02. October 2015, RepairCMS Development



  •  [Updated] RETAIL EXPRESS API. PIN has been added at ‘Pickup’  in Dashboard. (PIN will only be shown if PIN is activated of course). It will takes the user of the PIN (not the logged user).
  •  [Updated] RETAIL EXPRESS API. The username will be submitted to Retail Express in stead of the username defined in the Settings > System > API
Date: 30. September 2015, RepairCMS Development



  •  [Updated] QUICK BOOKING. Quick booking has been improved (better organised layout) for internal and also for partners.
  •  [Added] QUICK BOOKING. Min. quoted and max. quoted added in quick booking.
  •  [Fixed] WIZARD BOOKING. Fixed bug price calculation stopped working in wizard booking.
  •  [Fixed] BOOKING. Calculates the price in quick booking and in wizard booking.
  •  [Added] SETTINGS > RECEIPTS. Invoice added. Now you can define header and footer same as the other receipts which will be shown on the invoice.
  •  [Added] SETTINGS > CONSUMER BOOKING > PREFERENCE. Option to show cost preview at step 1 if price has been defined. CSS settings for the consumer booking layout. CSS settings are in 2 parts: 1)  jQuery UI layout settings (consumer booking uses jQuery UI), 2) General layout settings.
Date: 03. September 2015, RepairCMS Development


  •  [Added] SETTINGS > CONSUMER BOOKING > Drop off / Pickup. Print address label > Option to let the consumer print an address label at the end of the booking (only for dropoff). Instructions > Option add to ‘instructions’ to a dropoff or pickup option which will be displayed in the booking summary and address label.
  •  [Updated] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 1. Changed wording pickup date/time to ‘Preferred pickup’.
  •  [Updated] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 1. Option "I'd like loan phone” is only shown when bring to store.
  •  [Updated] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 1. When selecting a store location the full address details is displayed in popup.
  •  [Updated] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 1. When ‘address label’ has been checked in dropoff option, dropoff date/time is not displayed, only store location.
  •  [Fixed] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 2. Fixed device password not shown in the booking when using password diagram.
  •  [Added] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 4. Instructions added in ‘Summary’ if instruction are defined.
  •  [Updated] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 4. When ‘Print address label’ is checked in dropoff option, PDF address label in A4 will be shown after booking with option to print it. The address label shows the sender and receiver address details and consumer booking ref.
  •  [Added] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 4. User’s IP will be saved after booking and visible in consumer booking details.
  •  [Added] CONSUMER BOOKING Step 4. 2 trigger parameters added for sending email: for consumer’s email address, {store} for store’s email address.
  •  [Added] DASHBOARD. Consumer booking list is shown per store. Only the repair center will see all bookings.
  •  [Fixed] JOBS PROCESSING. Fixed problem showing wrong receipts in some particular circumstances.
  •  [Updated] SETTINGS. Settings list in alphabetical order now.
  •  [Fixed] SHIPMENT. Fixed problem hanging when opening client list popup in Shipment.
  •  [Fixed] SHIPMENT. Fixed problem no triggers to be processed in Shipment.
  •  [Fixed] JOBS PROCESSING. Fixed problem wrong hours calculation technician.
Date: 06. August 2015, RepairCMS Development



  • [Added] DASHBOARD. Update LOG has been added on top (next to notifications) showing latest updates.
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> CONSUMER BOOKING. 1) Drop Off options list, 2) Pick-Up options list, 3) Hear options list, 4) Booking confirmation
  • [Fixed] CONSUMER BOOKING. Spelling mistakes has been fixed.
  • [Removed] CONSUMER BOOKING. Warranty has been removed.
  • [Updated] CONSUMER BOOKING. Email is mandatory. When the user does not select to bring or pick up the device at location, the user is forced to enter his address details as well. Otherwise it is optional.
  • [Added] CONSUMER BOOKING. Address details has been added in summary in step 4.
  • [Added] CONSUMER BOOKING. New trigger added called ‘After consumer booking’.
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> TEMPLATES. New (sample) email template added called ‘After consumer booking’.
Date: 25. March 2015, RepairCMS Development


  • [Added] SETTINGS -> LISTS. New lists for Parts: Part Categories, Part Locations, Manufacturers, Suppliers
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> TEMPLATES -> LISTS. Added Template Types.
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> SYSTEM - INVOICE. Added for Billing sections:
    Prefix for invoice no, Start invoice no, Account name and number, Due date in days, Note
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> SYSTEM -> SECURITY. Login can be restricted by IP address. Multiple IP addresses can be entered.
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> TEMPLATES. Added new tab ‘Lists’ with 2 template lists (used in Job processing) :
    Repair notes, Service comments (replacing solution list). The template has the following format: Title and Text.
  • [Added] JOBS - PROCESSING. ‘Service comments’ replaces ‘Solutions’ at ‘Service' and ‘Repair notes’ added at ‘Notes’. Notes can be selected from template now!
  • [Added] PARTS. Part list overview with search by part code/name, part category, manufacturer, supplier or part location.
  • [Added] PARTS. Parts based on cost price, dealer price and end user price
  • [Added] PARTS. Stock level can be managed
  • [Added] JOBS - PROCESSING. Parts can be selected at ‘Service’ in Job Processing by entering part code or select from Part list.
  • [Added] JOBS - PROCESSING. Automatic end user price will be filled in when selecting part.
  • [Added] JOBS - PROCESSING. When a part has been selected automatically stock will be deducted from this part.
  • [Added] JOBS - PROCESSING. When a part is modified or deleted from the list, the stock will automatically be corrected.
  • [Added] BILLING. Invoice overview.
  • [Added] JOBS - PROCESSING. Invoice can be created in Job.  Additional fields added for invoice: Shipping cost, Discount, Payment reference and Note. Invoice in PDF.
  • [Added] CONSUMER BOOKING using link /index.php/consumbook. Booking wizard in 4 steps: 1) Booking details, 2) Device details, 3) Contact details, 4) Confirmation.
  • [Added] SETTINGS -> SYSTEM -> JOB. Name & Phone Check have been added which can be turned on/off:
  •  Name check in popup when booking new job, Phone check in popup when booking new job.
  • [Updated] PRICE LIST. Pricing are show now alphabetically by symptom category. The non-categorised symptoms are shown at the bottom of the list. The fonts has been made bigger.
  • [Added] Samsung i-GSPN API. This communicates directly with the Samsung server for warranty cases. This is only for Samsung devices and only for official Samsung partners.
  • [Added] JOBS - PROCESSING. Extra tab ‘Samsung warranty’ has been added in Job Processing. Only shown when applicable. Option to define the repair details and set the status. Option to order parts and submit this to Samsung. Option to share / remove files with Samsung. Option to submit warranty claim.
  • [Added] QUICK BOOKING. 1 page booking with less fields. You can switch between 'quick booking mode' or 'wizard mode’.
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Dashboard page added.
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Quick booking and wizard booking for partners through dashboard.
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Open jobs directly in the dashboard.
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Jobs overview divided in: 1) Job Requests, 2) Accepted jobs
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Ability to search and open jobs in both sections.
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Ability to search by customer ref.
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Ability to delete job requests for partners.
  • [Updated] EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. Ability to delete incoming jobs by repair center.
  • [Updated] JOBS - PROCESSING. There are 2 types of services can be added:
    1)  Service (with service template) with optional price
    2)  Part with part list with quantity and price. Instant discount can be filled in which calculates the discount in the price. Discount by % or amount. Automatically adds “ discount ..” in the description.
Date: 30. June 2015, RepairCMS Development