•  [Updated] QUICK BOOKING. Quick booking has been improved (better organised layout) for internal and also for partners.
  •  [Added] QUICK BOOKING. Min. quoted and max. quoted added in quick booking.
  •  [Fixed] WIZARD BOOKING. Fixed bug price calculation stopped working in wizard booking.
  •  [Fixed] BOOKING. Calculates the price in quick booking and in wizard booking.
  •  [Added] SETTINGS > RECEIPTS. Invoice added. Now you can define header and footer same as the other receipts which will be shown on the invoice.
  •  [Added] SETTINGS > CONSUMER BOOKING > PREFERENCE. Option to show cost preview at step 1 if price has been defined. CSS settings for the consumer booking layout. CSS settings are in 2 parts: 1)  jQuery UI layout settings (consumer booking uses jQuery UI), 2) General layout settings.
Date: 03. September 2015, RepairCMS Development