* [Added] Widget booking: required fields for device capacity, color and provider fields 
* [Added] Widget booking: show backup-request option also when device can not be turned on anymore 
* [Fixed] Widget booking: defined repair cost not shown after selecting brand, model and symptom 
* [Fixed] Widget booking: shows terms & conditions in separate tab in stead of inside the popup 
* [Fixed] Widget booking: prevents problem multiple bookings after pressing booking confirmation several times accidentally 
* [Fixed] Widget booking: backup-request not shown after converting widget booking to job 
* [Fixed] Quotation: Ignored email address filled in at communication center and used defined email address of client or partner in stead 
* [Fixed] B2B Quotations: Opens directly quotations tab when opening from email link 
* [Added] B2B Job overview: Totals same as in dashboard 
* [Fixed] B2B Booking: Removed 'client reference' as required field 
* [Fixed] Parts Manage: selection field of model does not reset after change and save 
* [Fixed] Parts Book-IN: after changing stock location from default location still resulting into the default stock location displayed when printing labels 
* [Fixed] Parts Book-IN: displaying wrong total amounts 
* [Fixed] Job Process: displaying wrong recommended parts 
* [Fixed] Job Process: defined price not shown when selecting recommended part 
* [Fixed] Job Process: problem saving service after edit

Date: 19.December 2017, RepairCMS Development