• Fixed] Changed filename of quotation email attachments to proper file names in stead of random numbers 
  • [Fixed] {client_details} parameters to display client information in proper format in the templates for sending emails in consumer booking
  • [Added] Option to export client data to Excel by root user through the settings menu 
  • [Added] Client signature feature added in quick and wizard booking to operate paperless. This feature can be turned on or off in the settings. Client can sign digitally on a touch screen or tablet. Terms and conditions will always be displayed first before signing. Client’s Signature will be stored with the job and automatically displayed on the booking receipt    
  • [Fixed] Quick Booking: Checklists, when defined, are now also displayed and can not be by-passed anymore
  • [Fixed] Quick Booking: Checkbox ‘warranty receipt enclosed’ will be shown when selecting warranty repairs which it did not before
  • [Added] Log: Option added for ‘root’ to see the activity log for the past 2 months through the settings menu
  • [Added] Billing: Billing details can be displayed. Option to display the Invoice in PDF. Unpaid invoices can be modified. Invoices can be set to paid (and can not be modified after that anymore) 
  • [Fixed] Booking: PHP Bug appeared after booking when using routing
Date: 12 December 2016, RepairCMS Development