•  [Updated] REPORTS. 3 types of reports added: 1) By repairs, 2) By symptoms, 3) By technicians
  •  [Added] REPORTS by repair: Filter by date, manufacturer, case type, location and rerepairs.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by repair: Shows all pending, completed repaired, unrepaired and rerepaired.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by repair: Shows total of everything.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by repair: Shows pie chart.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by symptoms: Filter by date, manufacturer and location.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by symptoms: Shows everything by symptom category + %.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by symptoms: Shows everything by symptom + %.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by symptoms: Show symptom category pie chart.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Filter by date, location and technician.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Option to show all repair activities by location and technician or by technician (in alphabetical order).
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Option to see repair details of every technician: how many devices repaired etc. Click ‘Show with details’ checkbox.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Shows total repair time and total rerepairs of each technician.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Shows how many devices repaired, BER unrepaired etc.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Shows repair time and total.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Shows amount of rerepairs.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Shows latest status of the repair.
  •  [Added] REPORTS by technicians: Shows overview of which devices have been repaired.
Date: 30. October 2015, RepairCMS Development