• [Added]  2 extra device parameters in triggers {dev_cost} and {dev_status} for showing total device cost and repair status in email to client 
  • [Added]  In reports section, daily reports tab showing all pending devices and completed devices per day. Option to open job
  • [Added]  In reports section, quick buttons for today, past week and past month 
  • [Added]  In reports section, showing also total cost in details at ‘By Technicians’  
  • [Added]  Client section, search client by IMEI, serial. Quick overview all pending, completed and re-repair per client.
  • [Added]  Client section, Showing all pending and completed devices. Option to open job
  • [Added]  Client section, option to edit client
  • [Added]  Quick buttons on top to open wizard booking or quick booking from any page
Date: 25 August 2016, RepairCMS Development